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What is the difference between Active IQ and Active IQ Unified Manager?

Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2+


Active IQ and Active IQ Unified Manager are not the same products.

1. Active IQ

Active IQ is web based and only visible on and this is regarding your active configurations and gives an overview over ONTAP clusters.
Click here to read more about Active IQ on NetApp site.

If there is any issue with Active IQ, please open a ticket on :

Please note: To use the link you need to be logged into Active IQ.

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2. ActiveIQ Unified Manager

ActiveIQ Unified Manager is a monitoring suite you can install locally. It is available as an application for Windows and RHEL and as a virtual appliance within VmWare.

Prior to ActiveIQ Unified Manager 9.6, the product was known as OnCommand Unified Manager.

Click here to read general information on NetApp web page.

Click here to read more about Active IQ Unified Manager Support.

If you are experiencing issues with the monitoring software, please open a case with Technical Support.

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