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What is the difference between Active IQ Digital Advisor and Active IQ Unified Manager?

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager(AIQUM) 9.6+
  • Active IQ Digital Advisor(AIQDA)


Active IQ and Active IQ Unified Manager are not the same products.

Active IQ Digital Advisor
  • Active IQ is Web based and only visible on and this is regarding your active configurations. It gives an overview of ONTAP clusters, SolidfFire, StorageGRID, etc..
  • update interval is the same as automatic support logs (ASUP), means one time a day and for some configuration data weekly
  • For more information, see Active IQ Digital Advisor on the NetApp site
  • If there is any issues with Active IQ  open a ticket via the NOW site.
Active IQ Unified Manager
  • ActiveIQ Unified Manager is a monitoring suite you can install locally. It is available as an application for Windows and RHEL and as a virtual appliance within VMWare.
  • update interval of inventory data is every 15 min system defined and for performance data 5-15 min per setting
  • Prior to ActiveIQ Unified Manager 9.6, the product was known as OnCommand Unified Manager.
  • For general information on NetApp Web page, see ONTAP: The industry-leading enterprise data management software
  • For more information, see Active IQ Unified Manager Support.
  • If you are experiencing issues with the monitoring software, open a case with Technical Support.

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