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OnCommand Unified Manager is unable to complete discovery of a cluster due to duplicate serial numbers on shelf cables

Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) 7.x
  • OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) 9.x


  • OCUM shows a cluster still in discovery in the data sources view, even after inventory and performance data is available for the cluster
  • The following error is present in ocumserver.log

2019-02-15 11:46:12,540 WARN [oncommand] [reconcile-1] [cluster(incremental@11:46:05.541)] [c.n.dfm.collector.OcieJmsListener] Warning during inventory change notification: JTA transaction unexpectedly rolled back (maybe due to a timeout); nested exception is javax.transaction.RollbackException: Could not commit transaction.,query did not return a unique result: 3; nested exception is org.hibernate.NonUniqueResultException: query did not return a unique result: 3

Note: OCUM log files and their respective locations



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