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OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse scheduled reports remain in "Waiting" status

Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse (DWH) 7.3.x
  • Cognos


  • Scheduled reports remain in "Waiting" Status
  • On <InstallDrive>\SANscreen\cognos\analytics\logs\cognosserver.log the following error can be seen
2020-05-22T00:06:40.420+0200	ERROR	[Default Executor-thread-163]	9vqvq99whwGG2w9CwvjMCd9hy8Gjd28qGCdw88jw		9vqvq99whwGG2w9CwvjMCd9hy8Gjd28qGCdw88jw	NA	58003	LoginUser-149614924	NA	/v1/search/cm?filter=creationTime%7C2020-05-15T12:47:43.379Z%7C292278994-08-17T08:12:55.807Z%7Ctrue%7Ctrue&fields=id%7Cversion%7CparentId&hide_internal=none&ignoreHiddenAncestor=true	bi-service	7248	Exception SEA-GEN-0001 Internal error



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