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How to validate and set system utilization variables in OnCommand Insight Windows Server

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OnCommand Insight(OCI) 7.x


This article describes how to identify if the proper sizing configuration is set within OnCommand Insight (OCI) and how to correct the limits if the current settings are not optimal. A discrepancy between the guideline and what is present on the system could occur in the following scenarios, and would warrant taking actions to optimize the system:

  • The system on which OCI is installed has had a hardware upgrade (e.g., RAM capacity added) after the OCI software was already installed. This may be required because OCI does initial sizing checks and configuration at time of install.
  • The OCI server is monitoring more objects than typically advised for a single server's scale. This could result in the need for adjustment even if the server is configured at the proper values at time of installation.
  • At time of install, OnCommand Insight calculates optimal memory assignment after reserving a segment of system resources for use by the operating system. The below table can be referenced for an understanding of service allocations at time of install, and for use after adding more memory to a system.







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