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How to change Oncommand Workflow Automation 5.1 user passwords

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OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) 5.1 and above


  • The intent of this article is to list out the steps of changing OnCommand Workflow Automation built-in user passwords.
  • The OnCommand Workflow Automation built-in users are:
  1. Admin
  2. WFAuser
  3. Restricteduser
  4. Systemuser
  5. MySQL-Root-User
  • When OnCommand Workflow Automation is installed on a Linux or a Windows host, 3 database users are created in the WFA database.
  • The credentials for these users were:

User name : wfa password : Wfa123
User Name : restricted, password : restricted123
User Name : system123, password: system123

  • Before OnCommand Workflow Automation 5.1, these users had default passwords (as above) which were same for all the installs of OnCommand Workflow Automation. This was a security issue.
  • To fix the above security issue, where WFA is installed with users having default username and password. Starting WFA 5.1, WFA is auto-generating the passwords for above three users. The password will be a randomly generated 10 characters long alphanumeric string.
  • We will also cover how to change the password for WFA "admin"  and "MySQL" root user password.


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