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After a Microsoft Windows Server update, IBM Cognos reporting tool shows Error:"Context Root Not Found"

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse (DWH) 7.3.x
  • Microsoft Windows Server


Symptom 1
  • When attempting to access OnCommand Insight Data Warhouse's web interface, the user will see an IBM WebSphere Application Server notice: "Context Root Not Found".


Symptom 2


  • When attempting to start IBM Cognos manually via IBM Cognos Configuration, the operation will fail with the following.

[Launching a JVM using 'Maximum memory in MB']
Successfully launched a test JVM with the memory setting of '4096'. Note that this does not guarantee that the IBM Cogn os service will start and run successfully.

  • To see which JVM options are based on this setting, view ibmcognos_location/bin64/bootstrap_wlp_<OS>.xml and see y our JVM documentation for an explanation of those options.

[Archive Local File System Root]
Since the value is empty, the feature is disabled. There is nothing to test.

[Start Service]
[ ERROR ] CFG-ERR-0106 IBM Cognos Configuration did not receive a response from the IBM Cognos service in the tim e allotted.
Check that IBM Cognos service is available and properly configured.


Symptom 3
  • In the 'p2pd_messages.log' file one will find the following lines.

[ ] The setMonitor method has thrown an exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

  • Alternately, these lines may be seen in the 'p2pd_messages.log' file.

[8/9/19 13:13:59:835 MST] 00000023 E CWWKF0003E: An exception was generated when installing or uninstalling bundle INSTALL file:/F:/Program%20Files/SANscreen/cognos/analytics/wlp/usr/extension/lib/logging-feature-log4j2.jar (resolved from:[1.0.0,2.0.0)@file:/F:/Program%20Files/SANscreen/cognos/analytics/wlp/usr/extension/lib/lo gging-feature-log4j2.jar). Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

  • The 'p2pd_messages.log' file is typically located in the following directories depending on your OnCommand Insight Data Warhouse version:
    • C:\Program Files\SANscreen\cognos\c10_64\logs
    • C:\Program Files\SANscreen\cognos\analytics\logs



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