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What is required for Cloud Insights or OnCommand insight to collect data from a Brocade switch?

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight (OCI)
  • Cloud Insights (CI)
  • Brocade Switch


Brocade Switch Inventory
Cloud Insights and OnCommand Insight use SSH to collect inventory from Brocade switches
  • An admin-level account is more than sufficient. 
  • To create a non-admin user for OCI to use, the non-admin user must be granted permissions on all virtual fabrics, and be granted the 'Chassis Role'
    • You will want to create this user on every Brocade switch in your environment.
Brocade Switch Performance data
Cloud Insights and OnCommand Insight use SNMP to gather Performance data from Brocade switches.
Requirements for gathering Performance data via SNMPv2
  • Only requires read-only access. 
  • SNMP v2 community string.
    • Out of the box, "public" works.
  • If any access-control lists have been configured, or "public" has been disabled, you will need to ensure that there is a usable SNMP community string that is permitted through access-control lists.
  • For access-control lists, take care to understand what the IP address is of your 'point of acquisition' 
    • A Remote Acquisition Unit (RAU) IP address needs to be granted access through the access-control list, not the OCI server's IP address.
Requirements for gathering Performance data via SNMPv3
  • SNMP 1 and SNMP2 cannot be used to on virtual ports.
  • Brocade default SNMP v3 users snmpuser[1-3] and snmpadmin[1-3] are NOT sufficient. 
    • These default users do not have permission on the non-default Virtual Fabrics (VF1 through VF127)
    • Which means that the OCI data source will fail to collect statistics on ports in those VFs. 
  • Create an OCI inventory user for use with SNMPv3 user slots - this needs to be done on all of your switches.
  • See also: Failed to add Brocade switch to health monitoring using SNMPv3



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