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What are the logs required to troubleshoot an OCI Java client issue, and what are their paths?

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight 6.4
  • OnCommand Insight 7.x


In certain instances, it is observed that the OnCommand Insight (OCI) Java UI fails to start on the client, though it works locally on the server. There might be errors such as the following:

  1. 'The OnCommand Insight Client failed to launch. Please see the log files for details'. However, there are no indications of which log files to look at or other pointers.
  2. Failed to download the certificate from server site.

There are two main logs that need to be checked:

  1. OnCommand Insight (OCI) Logs

The sanscreen-client.log file will be found under %USERPROFILE%  location. On Windows 7, that is c:\users\%username%

  1. Java Logs

Enable the logging options if they are disabled:

  1. In the Control Panel, go to the Java control panel.
  2. Enable the tracing and logging options found under Debugging.​​​​​​​


Java log location at c:\%UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment

In OCI (Oncommand Insight) 7.3.1 and higher

  • Java 32-bit is no longer supported, upgrade java to the 64-bit version
  • If customer upgraded OCI to 7.3.1 or higher version and java client used to work and no longer working, here is the quick workaround to make java client working again
    • On client machine go to user profile directory E.g "echo %UserProfile%"
    • Delete "client.truststore" file
    • Launch the java client one more time
  • In case you are using java 32-bit version and you cannot upgrade then the recommendation here is to change the "Max Heap Size" to 1024 for compatibility with 32bit java environment. Here is how you will make this change.
    • This change option is only available in OCI 7.3.1
    • To reduce the max memory allocation, an OCI admin-level user needs to access the "legacy" portal by going to "Legacy portal (https://localhost/legacy/) --> Troubleshooting --> Configure Client Settings"
      Note: Changing this parameter is global for all java client

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