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OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse report fails with Error: RSV-SRV-0040 The report server encountered an internal error. Due to Java Heap Space

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OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse (DWH) 7.x


In some cases a report with a large number of data points and one or more charts will fail to run and create a coredump file.

Running a report fails with an RSV-SRV-0040 error and generates a core dump. If the report is scheduled, multiple cores may exist and consume the available space on the install disk.

Error in <install_path>\SANscreen\cognos\c10_64\logs\cognosserver.log: 1884 2017-04-11 16:11:45.697 -5 Default Executor-thread-17151 caf 2047 1 Audit.dispatcher.caf Request Failure SecureErrorId: 2017-04-11-16:11:45.697-#1 Original Error: RSV-SRV-0040 The report server encountered an internal error. Check additional information associated with this error message. If cause of problem cannot be ascertained, increase the logging level in the IBM Cognos administration tool and reproduce the conditions that caused the error. If the problem persists, see the problem determination information on the IBM Cognos Support Portal page at Error: Java heap space : null


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