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ScriptExecution and Error Initialization failed during System Manager ONTAP upgrade

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Applies to

  • ANDU (Automated Non-Disruptive Upgrade)
  • ONTAP 9
  • System Manager


  • When initiating an ONTAP upgrade from System Manager, validation fails
  • Checking in ONTAP CLI (Command Line Interface), the follow error is seen
Cluster::> cluster image show-update-progress -instance
                  Upgrade Stage: Upgrade from <current ONTAP verison> to <target ONTAP version>
                   Update Phase: validation
                   Phase Status: paused-on-error
                 Phase Duration:
                 Phase Comments: 0 of 4 validated. Error: Internal error. Initialization failed, Action: Verify that all                     nodes are healthy using the "cluster show" command, then try the command again.
  Elapsed duration of the phase: <time>
Estimated duration of the phase: <time>
              Phase Description: Pre-update checks
                 Subsystem Name: ScriptExecution
               Subsystem Status: Error
              Subsystem Details: Error: Internal error. Initialization failed
               Subsystem Action: Action: Verify that all nodes are healthy using the "cluster show" command, then try the                   command again

Status: Paused - An error occurred in "Pre-update checks" phase. The update cannot continue until the error has been resolved. Resolve all issues, then use the "cluster image resume-update" command to resume the update.
  • The cluster is healthy with no alerts
Cluster::> cluster show
Cluster::> system health alert show

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