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Active Directory (AD) account is unable to login to ONTAP System Manager

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ONTAP System Manager


  • User login methods of the domain user or group is set as below. Application: http/ssh, Authentication: domain, Role: readonly.


ontap97::> security login show -vserver ontap97 -user-or-group-name tse\test_grp

Vserver: ontap97
User/Group                 Authentication                 Acct   Authentication
Name           Application Method        Role Name        Locked Method
-------------- ----------- ------------- ---------------- ------ --------------
test_grp    http        domain        readonly         -      none
test_grp    ssh         domain        readonly         -      none
2 entries were displayed.

ontap97::> vserver services web access show -vserver ontap97 -role readonly
Vserver        Type     Service Name     Role
-------------- -------- ---------------- ----------------
ontap97        admin    backups          readonly
ontap97        admin    docs             readonly
ontap97        admin    docs-api         readonly
ontap97        admin    ontapi           readonly
ontap97        admin    ontapmsg         readonly
ontap97        admin    rest             readonly    
ontap97        admin    security         readonly    
ontap97        admin    sysmgr           readonly
8 entries were displayed.

  • Domain-tunnel has been created correctly.
  • SSH to the cluster using the domain user is successful.
  • After entering the Username and Password of the domain user to login to ONTAP System Manager, the Username and Password will be requested again in the pop-up window, and even if they are entered, login will not proceed.
  • If you cancel the popup, an error popup is displayed. Error pop-up "Unable to get system information. Please refresh your browser and try again."
  • Browser refresh doesn't work.


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