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What is the maximum configurable SSD cache size on E-Series storage systems?

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Applies to

E-Series Systems with SSDs to be used with SSD cache.


  • Maximum amount of configurable SSD cache for an array is related to the controller's primary cache size. 
  • This chart shows the amount of SSD cache configurable for various primary cache size of the controllers:
Controller Cache Size Configurable SSD Cache Size
< 1 GB 1 TB
 > 1 GB - 2 GB 2 TB
> 2 GB - 4 GB 4 TB
> 4 GB 5 TB

Additional Information

  • Controller's primary cache size will be smaller than the controller installed memory size
  • The size difference will vary depending on the release version and array configuration.
  • Current maximum is 5TB of SSD cache for any system configuration.
  • Primary cache size is equal to the cache of one controller in a redundant array.
  • Example: An array with two 2600 controllers with 2 GB of cache each will only be able to configure 2 TB of SSD cache.


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