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What is the Major Event Log?

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NetApp E-Series Products


The Major Event Log (MEL) retains a history of major events. These events are stored in the configuration database and can be retrieved by the CLI and GUI. Each event contains an identifier, a severity level, an alert indication, location information, and potentially optional data

The MEL contains the last 8192 events of the system. Conditions that require logging an event are relatively rare and therefore the MEL is used as a long-term history of the system.

  • Identifier: There are too many possible MEL events to list in a single KB. Several specific MEL events are covered within the NetApp KB. While MEL events are intended to be easily understandable, please contact NetApp Support if you have any questions about an event encountered on your system.
  • Severity: The severity of events is generally limited to Informational or Critical, although other rare severities such as Debug are also used.
  • Critical Events: When logged, these can cause an email to be sent to the System Administrator. If AutoSupport (ASUP) is enabled, many critical events also collect and send a support bundle to NetApp and automatically open a case.
  • Informational Events: These events cannot be configured to send alerts and do not send an AutoSupport log to NetApp.
  • Location Information: Each MEL event identifies what device(s) are involved under “Component location” and which controller(s) logged the event under "Logged by"
  • Optional Data: Some MEL events contain additional information in the raw data (hexadecimal bytes). If this data is available, NetApp Support can decode it.

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