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Why is Active IQ Unified Manager not able to send notifications for issues even though EMS subscriptions appear to have been successfully configured?

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) 7.x - 9.5.x
  • Active IQ Unified Manager (AIQUM) 9.6.x+


  • Verify the subscription is successful for an event in the Unified Manager Web UI (status is 'Yes' in Applicable to cluster in the Subscribe to EMS events dialog box) and on the cluster in question.
  • Verify that an alert has been configured in Unified Manager for the EMS event in question. Subscribing to EMS events in Unified Manager only configures the pathway for a cluster to send an event of interest to Unified Manager. In order for Unified Manager to send notifications when an EMS event of interest is received, an alert must be configured.
  • Verify that the cluster is configured for NTP and that the timezone is set correctly.


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