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MetroCluster monitoring failed in Unified Manager 7.2 with Reason: An internal error has occurred during MetroCluster component refresh due to a failed poll with null exception

Applies to

OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) 7.2 only
Any MetroCluster (MCC) version interoperable with OCUM 7.2


  • In "Configuration" menu, "Cluster Data Sources" tab, MCC clusters will have this message in Description column: "Monitoring failed..."

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  • Event created with title "Event: Cluster Monitoring Failed" and Trigger Condition: "Monitoring failed for cluster <MCC-CLUSTER>. Reason: An internal error has occurred during MetroCluster component refresh. Contact technical support."

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Collecting a support bundle, or directly looking at collected log "ocum-error.log", will have the following entries: 

"ERROR [oncommand] [collection-completion-0] [c.n.d.i.m.MccFabricConfigDiscoveryHandler] MetroCluster monitoring failed for <MCC-CLUSTER>"

ERROR [oncommand] [reconcile-0] [(baseline@13:16:25.716)] [c.n.dfm.collector.OcieJmsListener] Error during MetroCluster component monitoring : null
com.netapp.dfm.ontap.outbound.zapi.OcumMonitoringFailedException: null

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: null



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