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Failed to add the cluster to OnCommand Unified Manager because the cluster is still present in table netapp_model.cluster

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager (AIQUM)
  • OnCommand Unified Manager 6.4+ (OCUM)
  • OnCommand Performance Manager 2.1+ (OPM)


  • When a cluster is added to UM, the following error is visible in the GUI Error unable to discover cluster, cluster already exists
  • The following errors appears in ocumserver-debug.log:2016-12-19 08:06:14,583 DEBUG [oncommand] [reconcile-0] [c.n.dfm.collector.OcieJmsListener] OCIE JMS notificati on message received: {DatasourceName=Unknown, DatasourceID=-1, ClusterId=3387647, ChangeType=ADDED, U pdateTime=1482152623430, MessageType=CHANGE} Failed to delete cluster from Unified Manager. Cluster with resourcekey : fdb38bbd-749b-11e6-93e6-00a0986e5d8c:ty pe=cluster,uuid=fdb38bbd-749b-11e6-93e6-00a0986e5d8c does not exist.
  • This message may be displayed in the web UI indicating that the issue is in the OnCommand Performance Manager (OPM) database:Cluster in a MetroCluster configuration is added only to Unified Manager. Cluster add failed for Performance Manager.
  • For OnCommand Performance Manager, the ocfserver-debug.log may contain: 2016-12-19 09:15:00,013 ERROR [system] [taskScheduler-5] [o.s.s.s.TaskUtils$LoggingErrorHandler] Unexpected error occurred in scheduled task. com.netapp.ocf.collector.OcieException: com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.sessions.AcquisitionUnitException [35] Failed to getById id:-1 > Caused by: com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.sessions.AcquisitionUnitException: Failed to getById id:-1 >


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