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Cannot add a new cluster to OnCommand Unified Manager due to invalid name

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager 9.6+
  • OnCommand Unified Manager 9.5+


  • When attempting to add a new cluster to Unified Manager (UM), and after accepting the cluster security certificate, it displays the following error:

    Unable to add cluster data source. This can occur if the clocks on the systems are not synchronized and the Unified Manager HTTPS certificate start date is later than the date on the cluster, or if the cluster has reached the maximum number of EMS notification destinations.

  • The server_acq.log on the UM server will contain the following error:

    2020-10-01 12:09:33,130 ERROR [default task-2] c.o.s.a.s.AcquisitionFacadeUtil ( - failed to register EMS: : Invalid name. The name must start and end either with an alphanumeric or _(underscore) and must be in the length of 2 to 64 characters. The allowed special characters are _(underscore) and -(hyphen). (errno=27103)

  • When reviewing the mlog/audit.log file on the cluster (or AUDIT-MLOG-TXT.GZ section in ASUP), the request will show the rejected hostname

    Example 1:
    Thu Oct 10 2020 12:09:33 +00:00 [kern_audit:info:2274] X:: filer1:ontapi :: :: filer1:admin :: <netapp version='1.0' xmlns='' nmsdk_version='9.5' nmsdk_platform='CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 x86_64' nmsdk_language='Java'><ems-event-notification-destination-create><name>-this-hostname-starts-with-a-hyphen-has-an-unsupported-$pecial-character-is-longer-than-64-characters-and-will-cause-issues-as-a-result</name><rest-api-url>XXX</rest-api-url><certificate-authority>123-456-789</certificate-authority><certificate-serial>X</certificate-serial></ems-event-notification-destination-create></netapp> :: Pending: 

    Example 2:
    Thu Oct 10 2020 12:09:33 +00:00 [kern_audit:info:2274] X:: filer1:ontapi :: :: filer1:admin :: <netapp version='1.0' xmlns='' nmsdk_version='9.5' nmsdk_platform='Linux unknown' nmsdk_language='Java'><ems-event-notification-destination-create><name>*-bad-hostname-with-wildcard</name><rest-api-url>XXX</rest-api-url><certificate-authority>123-456-789</certificate-authority><certificate-serial>X</certificate-serial></ems-event-notification-destination-create></netapp> :: Pending: 


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