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Active IQ Unified Manager Support Bundle Automatically Upload Option Through Maintenance Console

Last Updated:

Applies to

Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8 and above


Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8 and above offer to upload support bundle automatically to NetApp auto support (ASUP).


Upload Option:

Would you like to upload the Support Bundle to NetApp? (Y or N)



  1. If you chooses the option "Y or (yes)" then support bundle will automatically uploaded to NetApp auto support,  just make sure unified manager server is connected to the internet. Unified Manager also have an option to setup HTTP proxy server from unified manager auto-support page.
  2. If you choose the option "N or (No)" then support bundle will need to be manually uploaded to NetApp.


Support Bundle Upload Example From Unified Manager Maintenance Console:

System ID  : xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx

 Support/Diagnostics Menu
    1 ) Generate Light Support Bundle
    2 ) Generate Support Bundle

    b ) Back
    x ) Exit

 Enter your choice: 2

 Support Bundle Content Selection
    1 ) [X] database dump
    2 ) [ ] heap dump
    3 ) [X] acquisition recordings

    b ) Back
    x ) Exit

[X] indicates item will be included in the support bundle.
Use numbers to toggle the inclusion/exclusion of each item,
then press 'g' to generate the support bundle.
Note: Content not listed here cannot be excluded.

 Enter your choice: g

Generating support bundle...

Support bundle has been created.

Would you like to upload the Support Bundle to NetApp?(y/n) y
If you have an active technical support case, enter the case number now, otherwise leave blank: 2008XXXXXX

Support bundle is prepended with case number.
Uploading 2008XXXXXX_support_bundle_20201217_110345_499.7z to NetApp.
Successfully uploaded support bundle to server.


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