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NetApp Response to Russia-Ukraine Cyber Threat
In response to the recent rise in cyber threat due to the Russian-Ukraine crisis, NetApp is actively monitoring the global security intelligence and updating our cybersecurity measures. We follow U.S. Federal Government guidance and remain on high alert. Customers are encouraged to monitor the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) website for new information as it develops and remain on high alert.
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Backup or clone may fail for applications using PVCs with decimal units in Astra Control Center

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Applies to

  • Astra Control Center 
  • Application Backup using Astra Control Center 
  • Application Clone using Astra Control Center 
  • Trident ontap-nas driver 


  • An application backup or clone may fail if all the following are true: 
  1. A Kubernetes PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC), VolumeClaimTemplate, or Helm install is created with a volume  size using the International System of Units (SI)/base 10/decimal units (e.g. K, M or G symbols) 
  2. The Trident ontap-nas driver is used to create the volume  
  3. The Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) is attached to a Kubernetes application being managed by Astra 
  4. The PVC within the backup namespace (namespace running the backup pod)  in the original cluster will display a similar error message as seen below. 

kubectl describe pvc <pvc-name> -n <backup namespace name> 

  Warning  ProvisioningFailed    22m (x11 over 27m)     csi.trident.netapp.io_trident-csi-678955886c-9r7mz_1ee2b9b4-d28b-43f1-800e-be43820fdb99  failed to provision volume with StorageClass "ontap-gold": error getting handle for DataSource Type VolumeSnapshot by Name pvc-db35f9ac-41d1-44e2-91f9-01bec673b00c-snap-e8d4ade8-221a-4328-b8ef-dc800ee91d9b-pvc-ifwqo: requested volume size 10000000000 is less than the size 10000003072 for the source snapshot pvc-db35f9ac-41d1-44e2-91f9-01bec673b00c-snap-e8d4ade8-221a-4328-b8ef-dc800ee91d9b-pvc-ifwqo 

  • The same issue occurs if the application is installed via a Helm Chart or a custom manifest.  


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