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'Transport Protocol is not set to connect the storage system %1' when SME verification runs in Metrocluster switchover mode

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • SnapManager for Exchange
  • SnapDrive
  • OnTAP Metrocluster


When there is a Metrocluster Switchover, SnapDrive looks for the credentials for the surviving SVM, typycally if svm is called svm1, the surviving svm will be svm-mc.
Since credentials are set by user for svm1 and not for svm1-mc, snapdrive logs an error and reports it back to SnapManager.
Somehow this only happens during SME (SnapManager for Exchange) verification process: we have observed the issue so far only when performing remote backup and verification, not local, but you can't exclude that we may see the issue in other circusmtances.

SME will log a similar error in the backup report:
[Server1] Error Code: 0xc0040457
Transport Protocol is not set to connect the storage system %1.

SnapDrive will log an error similar to the one below,  around the time SME logs its error:
11/04-20:04:19.472    PID:2120    TID:1404    FilerHelper.cpp@124        Transport Protocol is not set to connect the storage system SVM1-mc.
 HRESULT 0xc0040457.


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